* escrow service

The most important thing to buy a new vehicle from abroad is: Trust. As we are a serious company we offer a notarial trust (escrow) service which guarantees a secured payment. Our trustees manage your money and ensure a risk procedure. We co-operate among others with the solicitor´s office / Sozietät Bruns, Baer and Dr. Wendt in Hamburg.

Contact: Dr. Oliver Wendt / Frau Töter * Großer Burstah 31 * 20457 Hamburg * Germany * Phone +49.[0]40.373037 * Fax +49.[0]40.373730

Furthermore the possibility of a comfortable cashless payment exists by spare part deliveries by PayPal (www.paypal.com) to the quite worldwide best known online currency. Besides our single service bases in the whole German area you can anytime contact 'real' humans, so there is no anonymous phone business.

If you're still in doubt about a smooth transaction we are glad to have a personal conversation with you. Hopefully we will be able to take away your doubts. We would like to assure one more time that we realize your dream of an US vehicle with pleasure and that it's our interest to be recommended by our customers. And that requires satisfied customers.

If you have other questions we are glad hearing from you. We can call you back if you wish or answer your inquiry after sending us a short email with your concern and your phone number to:

CarGate48, Borrmann Group LLC.
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eMail: klaus(at)cargate48(dot)com
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