Klaus P. Borrmann, CarGate48
230 West Carob Street
Compton CA, 90220 | USA
Phone: +1-512-913-5667
eMail: klaus(at)cargate48(dot)com
* about us

Klaus Peter Borrmann owner of Cargate48 is a qualified mechanic and studied businessman. Besides his mother language - German - he speaks several foreign languages such as English and Spanish.

In Germany his main activity field lay in acquisition to the construction of customer relations as well as in the personal customer care. Thanks to his long-standing enterprise knowledge and abilities Klaus Peter Borrmann has lead companies of different branches in Germany and positioned them successfully on the market - for example Master Motors (Tornesch/Hamburg), one of his todays partners and central Germany bases of CarGate48.

Cargate48 co-operates in the German speaking area with distributors and partners who can produce the achievement of the payment of duty, licensing for the traffic as well as the lining of natural gas arrangements. Our cooperation partners guarantee that the customer receive his vehicle with all services (TÜV/German licensing/payment of duty) or with liquefied petroleum gas arrangement, if desired.

Winding up about trustee we export to your desired address incl. TÜV/AU. With our service network we can deliver in different locations in Germany also in the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

We are happy to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our services, our website or just because :-) We can also give you a ring-back - simply send us an email with your request. You're most welcome! Yours sincerely,
Klaus P. Borrmann